5 Best Ways to increase blog traffic 2021

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5 Best Ways to increase blog traffic 2021

There are a lot of options that can help beginners to increase organic traffic on their newborn blog. Here I have provided the best 5 basic and very important ways which can help bloggers.

(1) Using off-page SEO to Improve Page Rank

Using off-page SEO is extremely important to increasing your page rank. off-page SEO accounts for roughly 2/3 of the Google algorithm for page rank. This means it is twice as important as onsite SEO. off-page SEO involves increasing your assets outside of your site. The primary way to do this is to create natural links for your site.  One of the key factors in off-page SEO is creating links that are diversified across many different sites.

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These links can be from custom blogs, blog comment sections, forums, article submission sites, and many other sites where an audience can view the link. Creating successful links is important because it increases views for your website and also lets Google know that your site is relevant and accessible. Therefore, it is a good strategy to begin building links for your site quickly.

Using offpage SEO to Improve Page Rank

These links should be related to whatever product or service you are offering. For instance, if you run a video game store then you would want to post to video game sites. Targeting different video game forums and review sites such as IGN, GameFAQs, Gamespot, Metacritic, and more would be very beneficial to your business.

Three-way links and two-way links may be necessary for some sites to link to you. By contacting the site owner, you may be able to offer to link to them in exchange for a link back. On a popular site, this could be a huge draw for your website. Profile linking is another important way to develop more links.

By putting your site information in your profile for different forums and message boards, you can increase the amount of exposure your site gets. There are also registration sites that can be utilized as they gather information about different websites.

Similarly, directory and social media sites can also be good ways to add links to your site. The key is to get as many different links in different clean websites as possible. Diversification is necessary and spamming links on just one or two sites will not increase your page rank. Research as many sites related to your field as you can and try to create valuable links back to your site! For more information, check out Moz to get more resources on offsite SEO.

One thing you don’t want to do is to just use one method for getting your backlinks, you will want to get them from different sources from all over the Internet.

(2) Using on-page SEO to Improve Page Rank

On-page search engine optimization is extremely important for getting your website viewed consistently. On-page SEO accounts for roughly 1/3 of the Google algorithm that ranks websites for searches. Ranking near the top of a Google search is of the utmost importance because the top 3 positions get the majority of the clicks and finishing outside the top 3 will result in minimal visits to your site. There are 5 major tools for On-page SEO that can significantly raise your chances of being ranked higher in searches.

Positive Strategies

Title Tag-One easy way to increase your On-page SEO for a specific keyword is to include that keyword in a title tag.

Meta Tags-A second way to increase On-page SEO is to use meta tags which are tags that appear in the code of the page. Using tags that are relevant to the keywords you want to rank for is critical.

Image Tags– Third, using image tags is another good way to increase On-page SEO. This can be accomplished by placing relevant images to the keywords you want to rank for and tagging them with relevant keywords.

Linking anchor text or tags of links on pages– Using anchor text to link to a relevant related site is another good way to increase onsite SEO.

Relevant keywords in the body– The fifth way to improve On-page SEO is to use relevant keywords in the body. This means using important keywords multiple times in the body paragraphs of your site. While using the keywords you want to rank for is important, you also want to make sure you are not keyword stuffing. If you artificially spam keywords in the body, Google will actually penalize your site in search instead of rewarding it.

Utilizing these 5 strategies is the best way to organically raise your website’s position for certain keywords. On top of these 5 positive strategies, there are also 5 negative strategies that you will want to avoid.

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Negative Strategies

Using duplicate text-This is a bad idea even if the duplicate text isn’t plagiarism. Copying another site’s text will not rank you equally with that site and Google will actually make your position worse if you do. The original source is going to get the credit for the content, so try and use original content for On-page SEO.

Positive strategies include relevant keywords across the website, some have tried to hide keywords in order to trick Google into ranking their site higher. For instance, some have tried making keywords the same color as the background so it appears invisible but actually adds to the keyword count. Not only could this be keyword stuffing which is penalized, but Google specifically punishes people who try and hide keywords on their site to artificially boost the count.

Cloaking-Cloaking is a technique that attempts to trick the website rankings by giving different information to Google than what actually appears on the site. This is obviously wrong and Google will severely punish cloaking attempts.

Keyword stuffing– Keyword stuffing is pretty self-explanatory, but spamming keywords into a paragraph in order to boost the ranking will be punished. It is a good practice to list important keywords multiple times, but it needs to make sense contextually to be appropriate.

Sketchy links-Posting links that lead to inappropriate sources will also be punished. Linking to places such as pornographic websites, gambling sites, or link farms is another way to get your website marked down by Google.

Avoiding these strategies is critical to maintaining a good position in searches. Following the positive strategies and avoiding the negative strategies is the first step in achieving a good position in searches. To learn about other steps or to find a college with a great digital marketing major, click on the links above. You can also check out Moz which is an excellent resource for SEO.

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(3) Perform exceptional keyword research

Increase blog traffic 2021 it’s another way to Choosing relevant keywords is one of the most important aspects of successful digital marketing. One of the best tools to help find meaningful keywords is the keyword planner in Google AdWords. If you do not already have a Google AdWords account. Once you have created a Google AdWords account, you can begin using the keyword planner by clicking on the wrench and then selecting “keyword planner” in the planning section.

A keyword planner is a phenomenal tool for finding keywords that will help drive your advertising campaign. By searching for a key phrase, the keyword planner will automatically fill out a page of keyword ideas for you to consider. For example, if you are starting a shop that sells hockey equipment, then you might search “hockey equipment”. This will bring up that specific keyword as well as many other related keywords.

Using this datasheet, you can examine how many monthly searches the keyword has, the competition level for that keyword, and the range of bids on that keyword. From here, you can export the data file and edit it down to find keywords that fit your marketing strategy.

Using the hockey example, you can eliminate and choose keywords based on your specific needs. So if the shop is only for ice hockey, you would want to eliminate similar keywords such as “field hockey sticks” or “inline hockey skates”. You would also want to create a mix of high competition, high volume searches such as “hockey stick” and lower competition, high relevance terms such as “skate sharpening near me” if you specialize in skate sharpening. You can choose keywords that best fit your campaign and strategy. You can even filter results by location or language to try and better appeal to the region you are marketing to.

It is also important to use a mix of short-tail and long-tail keywords if you want to target people at different stages of the purchasing process. For instance, someone searching “hockey stick” might be interested in purchasing a hockey stick, but they could also just be getting information on pricing, looking for an image for a report, or any number of other non-purchasing reasons.

This is a short-tail keyword at the top of the funnel and so conversion rates will not be as high as a long-tail keyword at the bottom of the purchaser funnel such as “buy warrior alpha ak27 SL grip sr”. Someone who searches for that has already done their research and is now looking to buy that specific hockey stick. Choosing a keyword strategy that maximizes exposure and reels in customers who are ready to purchase is what keyword research is all about.

Using the Google AdWords keyword planner will give you the information necessary to accomplish your marketing goals.

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(4) Bid Optimization Strategies for Local Businesses

There are many factors that go into bidding strategies for paid search. The first things to consider are what your business goals are for the paid search and what your daily budget is going to be. By determining what your goals are for the paid search, you can decide whether you want to run a campaign for  Search Network Only, Search Network with Display Select, Display Network only, Shopping, Video, or Universal App.

We will cover the ins and outs of these different campaign styles another time, but once you have selected a style you can decide what your daily budget is going to be. Your daily budget should be proportional to the value-added to your business by each successful search.

For instance, if you want people to call your business and you run a paid Search Network Only campaign with your number, you would want to figure out how much money you are making per call and how many calls you are getting because of the ad. This amount needs to be higher than what you are spending on the ad daily.

There are multiple settings that can be changed to increase or decrease your bid amounts and spending patterns. One thing to do right away would be to use location targeting. If you are a local business, you will want to make sure that you specifically target the area your business is in on Google AdWords. You will also want to make sure that any ads you create are highly relevant and lead to a clean landing page as well.

If you are trying to sell goods or services directly through the ad, then the ad should contain a call to action directly related to what you are trying to accomplish. This would be something like, “Buy a Dyson” or “Sign up for a free trial.” The more clear the ad and landing page is, the higher your Ad Rank will be so you will be more likely to appear on searches. The next step is to set a daily budget based on how much you feel comfortable spending on advertising. This may take some adjusting as you find out the value that placing ads on Google AdWords provides you.

You can adjust how this budget is spent throughout the day by choosing either the standard or accelerated option. On top of how quickly your budget is spent for the day, you can customize the hours that your ad shows. This is important if there is a certain time of the day that you want people to purchase or if you are only available to take calls at certain hours. By utilizing these strategies, you should be able to lower the amount you spend every day by appearing higher in search due to your quality score. For more information, click this link to see Google’s suggestions for bid optimization!

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(5) Display Advertising for Relevant Traffic

Increase blog traffic 2021 it’s another way- Display advertising can be massive for your business. Display advertising is advertising that can show up on websites, YouTube videos, and more. It is different from search advertising because people are not using a search engine to specifically seek out your product or service.

Instead, they are seeing your product or service when seeking out a related form of media. For example, using the display network you could place ads for flowers on gardening sites. By targeting people who share the same interests as what you are marketing, you can find new customers who might not have found you otherwise. These ads are most effective when they have a clear call to action for what good or service you are trying to provide.

These should be straight to the point and avoid overcapitalization or punctuation. Something like, “sign up for a free trial” or “buy gardenias” would be a good call-to-action. The key to successful display advertising is finding relevant sources to place your ads on. This means choosing highly relevant keywords and finding sites that have customers who are already interested in your type of product. This is more successful if you place the ads on sites where they aren’t already purchasing from someone else.

These display ads can come in a variety of forms as well. You can use a static ad with just the bare essentials of your product listed, you can add pictures or video, and you can even add animation. What you choose is up to you and should also take what you are selling into consideration. These ads can also be used for different campaign goals. If you are just trying to increase awareness for your brand, then you can run a CPM or cost-per-thousand-impressions campaign. This way you are only charged for every thousand people who see your ad instead of how many people click your ad.

On the flip side, you may want action and feel enough people already know about your brand. In this case, you will want to run a cost-per-click or cost-per-acquisition campaign. This way you will only be charged when people click through to your site or you gain some kind of action that is beneficial to your business from the customer. Utilizing these strategies will help you quickly spread awareness or increase product sales using display advertising.

They are the best way to increase blog traffic in 2021

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Where can I promote my blog?

There are a lot of platforms where anyone can promote a blog but for biggners, some platforms are useful at the starting of the blog posting.
1) FaceBook Pages Or Groups
2) LinkedIn Groups
3) Pinterest
4) Instagram

How do I get my blog noticed?

Simply at the starting of your career in blogging, nobody recognized your articles so you need some platform and ways where your blog will be noticed.
1) Promote among friends
2) Contact with some established bloggers
3) Use social media for getting good views
4) You can also use Email marketing
5) Always your articles should follow SEO