7 Best Affiliate Marketing Plugins For WordPress

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Best affiliate marketing plugins

Online shopping has finally crossed the barriers. And, this is the main reason why bloggers are after earning more money by means of using affiliates. However, the main issue lies in using and choosing the best WordPress plugins affiliate. This way, they can obtain the best value for their efforts and time.

There are a lot of best affiliate marketing plugins for WordPress to find on the market today. These are simply designed and made to be compatible to meet the unique needs of people interested in using them.

However, there is a need to be sure that these have all customization and URL shortening features. Apart from it, these should also complement well to the money paid for them.

As a mainly dedicated affiliate marketer, it is your duty to search for the best affiliate marketing plugins for WordPress to maximize your earning potential.

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Magic Affiliate WordPress Affiliate Manage Plugin

This is simply the best choice for a lot of users due to the ease and convenience of using it. Apart from it, it boasts easy-to-use features for you as an affiliate marketer to get the most out of it.

Among its features include affiliate setups that best serve your purpose as an affiliate marketer. With its complete tracking feature, you would exactly know if you can get the ultimate results on WordPress. It is also easy and convenient to set up making it perfect for you.

The impressive thing about it is that it is compatible and is designed with a membership plugin. There is also an occasional bonus on signup and even a commission to receive.

Affiliates Manager

affiliate marketing plugin for wordpress
Affiliate Marketing Plugin for WordPress

Pretty Link

Pretty link is another affiliate marketing plugin WordPress that is essential to shorten the URLs. This is even more attractive to use for its many various features. This also best offers the good value of your money invested in it.

Among the features to like the most in this plugin include “meta refresh redirection”, cloaked redirection, and automatic link hitting. Other features consist of forwarding parameters, link groups, and custom link groups that complete the plugin.

The customization options are also enhanced which makes this plugin easier to use for novice and professional affiliate marketers. The good thing is that trials are also available for a paid affiliate plugins. This means to say that you will not waste money because you first have tried it.

Pretty Link

free affiliate marketing plugins
Free Affiliate Marketing Plugins

Invite Referrals

This is on top of your choices for affiliate plugins due to its many interesting features. As per the referral program, it can be turned into a machine that lets you make more money in meeting your best purpose as an affiliate marketer.

Through the use of this plugin, you are able to set three of the campaign types. These campaigns are named “instant rewards”, “tope referral contest” and “goal-based referrals”. Included in its features is mobile compatibility.

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There is also a Facebook referral application that makes it an even more unique affiliate management plugin. This does not also require any coding process and this can be purchased in paid and free plans.

The trials are also mainly available for paid invite referrals. Due to the reason that it comes with enhanced and improved customization options, the more that you would love to use this affiliate marketing plugin for WordPress. Through the customization features, it would be a lot easier for you to utilize it for your purpose.

Invite Referrals

affiliate marketing plugin
Affiliate Marketing Plugin

Woo-Commerce Amazon Affiliates

This is another affiliate management plugin that is dedicated to making it certain that you are earning the most from Amazon affiliates.

These features mainly include an automated type of content spinner and on website chart. There are also products stats and product shortcodes that let you do the complete monitoring process.

With Amazon coupons and reviews, these can simply be useful in the WordPress affiliate marketing plugins. There are also updated search selections and a whole lot more for you to be most impressed.

Especially if you are an Amazon affiliate, you would benefit the most from using this affiliate marketing plugin including its features. These features let you get all the money that flows to different e-commerce based platforms. One of these best platforms includes Amazon for you to concentrate the most.

Woo-Commerce Amazon Affiliates

WP RSS Aggregator

This is considered by many as another plugin that can effectively fetch content coming from affiliate networks and directly to the WordPress site. This also boasts for its excellent add-on features. These simply allow you to set up all those auto blogs using your major affiliate networks.

One of the good things to love about this affiliate marketing plugin is that it fetches products right away as posts into the WordPress blog. This can simply be combined with your unique and original content. 

Thus, you would enjoy seeing all those affiliate earnings of yours in no time at all. This is a better choice for affiliate marketing plugins for its limitless benefits to offer.

WP RSS Aggregator

affiliate marketing
Affiliate Marketing

Affiliate Royale

The Affiliate Royale is your best choice for a WordPress Affiliate Management plugin. This is also handy and useful to use because of its many features. The other features can be set up easily for your part.

Apart from it, this makes it easier for you to launch newer and better affiliate programs that best serve your purpose as an affiliate marketer.

You can also best monitor all activities of the programs such as sales, payments, and clicks. There is also another feature that lets you create links and banners. You can certainly expect of getting more sales volume, traffic, and a whole lot more.

Affiliate Royale

affiliate marketing
Affiliate Marketing

Affiliate WP Affiliate Management Plugin

This is one of the WordPress plugins affiliate marketing options to use to be able to practice the best form of marketing. This way, you also simply obtain the best results in the long run.

There are lots of features that it is known for. Through these features, you are able to effectively promote your products. These help you out to best monitor the reliability and dependability of your links.

Through the use of unlimited affiliates, you are surely able to reach your targeted audience. There is also a specific management dashboard for all affiliates that lets you manage it completely.

Specific performance reports can also help you out in regard to managing your affiliate marketing.

Affiliate WP Affiliate Management Plugin

Now, you have learned more about the best affiliate plugins for WordPress!

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