7 Best Chat Plugins for WordPress Websites Or Blog

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Chat Plugins for WordPress 2021

WordPress comes with a lot of essential features. You also have the choice to disable or enable comments. You can also best configure the profile for online users.

But, what makes WP very attractive and fascinating to developers is its flexibility. It doesn’t matter if you put in custom code or utilize a plugin. The looks, the feel, and the functions of your site can be changed.

In case you run or operate a business, you can entirely benefit from the best live chat plugins available. This will help you to be in direct contact with your potential clients. You can also open a community within your website.

Here are some of the best live chat plugins for WordPress to consider:

ClickDesk Live Support

This WordPress chat plugin is considered to be the fastest and the best live chat plugin for WordPress that permits visitors of websites to click on it. This way, they can voice and call chat right through the browser.

They can also dial the local access digits in 40+ nations or countries. This one-of-a-kind chat plugin for WordPress is totally customizable. This also best supports a lot of languages. This also comes with a lot of interesting and essential features.

Official Website: ClickDesk

best wordpress plugins
best WordPress plugins

Banckle Chat

This is one of the multipurpose live chat plugins for WordPress that does more than simply adding a chatbox to the website. You can cater live support and get the latest statistics concerning your site’s activity and visitors, demographics to technical aspects.

This is a free WordPress chat plugin that allows users to install or create new departments. They can also best assign users and place the chatbox to many sites. They can change the looks to best match the appearance of every website.

Users can also install automated messages to welcome or greet clients once they go to your website or carry out a specific activity. This also best features a live translation of multiple languages and multiple language support.

Thus, you can keep in touch with people from all corners of the globe. You can also make it possible for your memos to be exactly delivered to you even if you are offline. You can also enable audio, block ips, visual alerts. You can also allow for different customizations.

Official Website: Banckle Chat

free wordpress plugins for blogs
free WordPress plugins for blogs

Zopim Live Chat

Zopin Live Chat is one of the most popular live chat plugins for WordPress. This is designed to be an all-in-one customer assistance solution. This simply allows you to reply to customer queries.

Apart from it, this plugin allows you to handle a lot of conversations. Thus, you can be present 24/7 for your visitors who are the most likely to convert.

This also allows you to create things that allow you to reach out to each of the web visitors in an instant.  You can also get into in-depth discussions with those serious prospects.

The best thing about the WordPress chat plugin is that you can make use of the chat system on your smartphone. This is simply made possible by the dedicated mobile applications.

It also comes with analytics that allows you to assess how visitors use your site. You can customize it to best reflect your website’s color and design scheme with ease.

Simple Simon Live Chat

This is one of the live chat plugins for WordPress. This lets you add up a chat box to your website. This simple Simon Live Chat is ideal for small companies with only a limited number of staff members.

Set the chat box online to inform clients when will you be available and when you will go offline. Allow an audio reminder if a new chat is started. And then, involved a lot of conversations at the same time.

Choose the location of the chatbox on your website and design it the way you want it to be. You can also change the name from Live Chat to Personal Chat Corner or personalize it.

Live Chat – Casengo

Casengo is another good option of live chat plugins for WordPress that allows you to receive queries from prospective clients and website visitors through email, Twitter, live chatbox, and Facebook.

And a user can reply to these queries from one interface. This lets you further save a lot of time.

You can try this WordPress chat plugin for one month or 30 days for free. You will now have an option of service plans which start at12 dollars a month. Push reminders are also simply added to the app so you will know when clients try to communicate with you.

Official Website: Casengo

wordpress plugins
WordPress plugins

Quick chat 

A quick chat is one of the live chat plugins for WordPress that supports avatars, words filtering, user lists, private chat, caching plugins, smilies, and more. This is also a self-hosted live chat solution.

This also considers one of the most excellent chat plugins for WordPress.

The fact that it is a self-hosted plugin, means to say that the entire chat messages are kept intact in your WordPress Database. These are also under your supervision. That is the reason why there are no restrictions or monthly charges for chat messages.

Download Plugin: Quick Chat

Flyzoo Live Chat

The features of the WP chat plugin are twofold; you can create live customer assistance and a chat room for website visitors. This also comes fully prepared with visitor tracking, group chats, one-on-one chats, and more.

You can also personalize the color scheme and you can best set up the message when you are offline and online. You can also make use of the avatars as well as the emoticons.

You can also limit your chats and take a closer look at the chat history.  This is a cloud-based plugin that provides smart chat routing. It is also fully equipped with tab sync.

And therefore, you can dialog from a lot of browser windows simultaneously. Other essential features to consider are the SSL, embeddable group chats, exclusive and private chats, and more.

Download Plugin: Flyzoo

WordPress chat plugin
WordPress chat plugin


There are a lot of WP chat plugins to choose from. All these WordPress live chat plugins bring something different to you. These plugins best serve their purpose of relating to and converting clients in a stress-free way.

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