6 Best Contact Form Plugins for WordPress

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Best contact form plugin for wordpress 2021

Contact forms are truly believed to be essential in each website. In fact, one contact form setup is highly recommended for your website. This offers a clean, neat, and user-friendly interface that allows your viewers to contact you.

By means of having a contact form that works best on your site, you are sure on your way to taking advantage of it.  You may make use of a contact form that comes with its built-in features such as a motif or a theme. You may also make use of a handy plugin.

This article will let you discover some of the best contact form plugins for WordPress with all of their features. These will help you choose the right WordPress contact form plugin to use.

Fast Secure Contact Form

This is a complete premium feature that allows you to put in and make all types of contact forms to your website without exerting a lot of effort. By means of using a form WordPress plugin, you can reorder or remove any field by means of a drag and drop functionality.

If your templates are all messed up, this state-of-the-art contact form WordPress plugin helps resolve this issue. The safety system provides an impressive security feature which means that you will be protected from spam.

This contact form WordPress plugin allows you to send direct emails to the website administration. You may also request to have a meeting via phone through video or voice call. If you consider looking for a dependable and worry-free contact form plugin for your site, the Fast Secure Contact Form is truly the best choice for you.


This is a simple contact form WordPress plugin known for its remarkable features with almost 30 modules. These simply add up a lot of essential features to your site that depends on your requirements.

A contact Form Module is one of the most popularly used Jetpack modules to give you an elegant yet simple form creator. Jetpack can also send email notices for each contact form response. Even users can personalize or modify their email add wherein reminders or notices are delivered. When you utilize the Akismet plugin, each form submission is also assessed for spam.

Another essential feature is more on keeping the plugins modernized. Another cool feature it has is the so-called optimization of images. This is also by means of the global WordPress website content delivery network that helps drop bandwidth hosting costs.

Official Website: JetPack

contact form plugin for wordpress

Contact Form 7

This is one of the most renowned contact form WordPress plugins. It works best on millions of websites due to its customization and simplicity features. Through the use of this plugin, you can modify and manage various contact forms. You can also place it on your website in just a matter of seconds.

Customize the contents of your mail, if you want. The most excellent thing about this contact form wp plugin is that it is clean. This lets you work with other WP plugins and tools like CAPTCHA, Akismet spam filtering, and Ajax-powered submitting.

Official Website: Contact Form 7

contact form
contact form 7

Formidable Forms

If you are looking for a contact form WordPress plugin-free, this is simply the best choice to consider. The plugin-maker lets you obtain a form. This can also simply best work on your website in just a matter of sixty seconds.

In addition, it comes with a drag-and-drop builder feature that helps to even novice webmasters. With this plug-in, an email notification is clear and smooth. Apart from it, even a webmaster can create forms for seven different kinds.

Export and Import forms with XML. And, you can also send many and impressive forms to the junk. You can also best modify the HTML as well as the CSS to make contact form precise. With autoresponders and shortcodes, you can never go wrong in using the Formidable Forms.

Official Website: Formidable Forms

free wordpress plugin

Custom Contact Form

In case you search for an alternative that is just like the above-mentioned plugins and provide the most exceptional features, you may as well consider this contact form WordPress plugin.

This can simply be obtained for free from a certified plugin store which means you can depend on its reliability and integrity.

What makes this apart from other contact forms plugins for WordPress is that it allows you to perform a lot of things to it. You can also best modify the graphical factors through the CSS. This feature lets you change the borders, colors, margins, size, background, styles, and other elements.

You can also easily create a drop-down menu along with backing to show pages and posts right here. This will allow you to support CAPTCHA and some actions to monitor the spam submissions.

Ninja Forms

This is a free contact form plugin for WordPress that can be utilized to be able to create the best communicating form with minimum effort.

You can also obtain this contact form WordPress plugin for free. And thus, you can best install it on a lot of websites you want.

There are a lot of best extensions that allow users to improve the functionality of Ninja Forms such as linking with Freshbooks, Campaign Monitor, Salesforce, SMS notifications, and more. There are supportive community sustenance options, documentation, guides, and email support.

Even though the main contact form plugin is accessible and is free, you still need to pay for the extensions. Buying more extensions or developer bundles will let you pay for the same amount as the Gravity Forms.

The mentioned plugins above are only among the popular contact form plugins for WordPress. There are still some choices that meet your preferences and needs. A lot of popular paid contact form plugins are even made available.

If you just take the contact forms and how they work, you would surely love them all.  You may choose which one really is beneficial for your part. There is only a need to choose from any of them that meets your preference and taste. And now, you’re good to go!

Official Website: Ninja Forms

wordpress plugin
Ninja WordPress plugin


Contact forms are the most important form for every website or blog. These forms help us to get the reach of the user’s choice for reading and the interest of the users. Many contact form plugins are free of cost with good functionality and some you will get after paying some amount.

These plugins are most important for every website it is an only best way to get the user’s information and connection with the user.

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