7 Best ECommerce Plugins for WordPress Compared

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eCommerce plugins for WordPress

For millions of digital technology-oriented folks, WordPress is among the most brilliant web creation and design software in the world today. Its functions and features apply to almost all kinds of purposes.

One of the most ideal things that this software has in store for you is the opportunity for you to improve your eCommerce business by choosing the best e-commerce WordPress plugins and necessary platforms. Ecommerce is indeed one of the largest online platforms in which many businesses need to ensure success.

On this page, you are about to discover the best eCommerce plugins that an e-store runner like you should be using. Also, you will be enlightened as you learn about the things that make each of these plugins really above the class.


According to many people who have tried using CART66 LITE, they consider this as the easiest plugin WordPress webshop. In starting with this plugin, the user plugin is allowing users to simply receive payments through credit cards. Good thing is that it is securely done.

Another more special feature is about the capacity of every user (like you) to integrate this plugin to Amazon S3, run more promotions, have taxes to be calculated, manage all orders, as well as to provide shopping options to every customer visiting and requesting orders from the online shop.

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Other special features of these e-commerce plugins for WordPress gives all needed features for successfully running an online shopping center. Those who have tried this plugin leave a good impression while using it to run their online business.

ecommerce plugins for wordpress
eCommerce plugins for WordPress

Easy Digital Downloads

If you think you have already found the best eCommerce plugins for WordPress, you better think again. You are far from finding the most efficient digital downloading platform unless you have found the Easy Digital Downloads.

Yes, you heard that absolutely right. It is simply one of the top eCommerce plugins for WordPress because of so many reasons. It is extraordinary among other plugins because it offers only the most needed or the most essential features which your established eCommerce business needs.

 These plugins earned high ratings are due to their multiple features including the payment history, multiple “payment getaways”, promotional code system, sales chart, bundle purchases, cart system, re-download of files, and more.

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Each feature plays a vital role in keeping the best eCommerce business to become well designed both for the users and the customers as well. Ideally, this is an elegant webshop plugin WordPress available to all interested eCommerce business owners.

free ecommerce plugins
free eCommerce plugins


WooCommerce is simply one of the best eCommerce plugins for WordPress. It has more than 2.6 million downloads which makes it one of the popular plugins for WordPress.

Its high customer rating has been the result of its great functionality as a plugin. There are many options for features which every user can surely be acquiring the benefit of putting an online shop as easy and fast that the user of the plugin can. 

WooCommerce is also known for its seamless WordPress integration, high compatibility on most other plugins and WordPress themes, widget support from WordPress, customizable “CSS and HTM”, payment express, and a lot more. This eCommerce plugin is simply the best because of these mentioned features it has.

ecommerce plugins for wordpress
eCommerce plugins for WordPress


Searching for a professional plugin WordPress webshop would never be that tough because JIGOSHOP is simply what you are looking for. This plugin is indeed one of the best plugins for WordPress because of its guarantee of simple but amazingly good features you will benefit from upon setting your eCommerce business website.

Its customization and functionality create the best performance of a plugin for WordPress that is definitely needed by anyone who has a plan to start up an eCommerce business. Moreover, this is a unique eCommerce plugin because of its features such as multiple “product options”, stock tracker, shipping methods, payment getaways, customizable and highly secured, strong support, easy setup, and more.

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With these features, seekers of a great eCommerce plugin have reasons to choose JIGOSHOP. It is a free plugin and has earned high ratings too so you can also look for it as soon as you want.

ITHEMES Exchange

A very simple but high functional WordPress plugin eCommerce is how people describe THEMES Exchange.  This is the plugin that has powerful solutions for eCommerce businesses since it has earned high user ratings as fast as other best plugins out there.

It is a plugin that helps users to have set-ups and be able to run an e-store by keeping control over the high risks of starting an eCommerce business. Its unique features include integration of Stripe and PayPal, custom management, a simplified interface, and more.

With each feature’s uses, anyone who has tried running an e-store gets an easy way of managing the business, and saving time are also one of its benefits. ITHEMES has a lot more to offer and this is what you are going to discover as you try to acquire this plugin for your WordPress.

ecommerce plugins for wordpress free
eCommerce plugins for WordPress free


MarketPress is the plugin WordPress webshop that is also included in the list of the best eCommerce plugins because of its simple and very easy functions.  It is well designed too so it comes as one of the highly chosen WordPress plugins these days.

Having a very stylish eCommerce store is what helps you to achieve when you start your business. The features of This plugin such as internalization options,  Google Analytics, Ajax-based, WordPress themes compatible, sales pricing,  shipping coupons,  multiple payment getaways, and more are the reasons why many people choose this to become their trusted plugin in their eCommerce business.

best ecommerce plugins for wordpress
best eCommerce plugins for WordPress

  These features bring an exciting eCommerce business experience for the plugin users with their own established –store. From many existing WordPress plugins out there it is undeniable that MarketPress comes with an outstanding performance.

These are the best WordPress plugins you wish you have for the efficiency of your eCommerce site. If you are having trouble selecting one of these plugins, try each of them and see what works best for you.