The 5 Best Free WordPress Page Builder Plugins 2022

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Free WordPress Page Builder

As we know that WordPress has a 40% share over the internet websites which is a very big number. WordPress provides the best options to make a good website and provide an environment for page builders.

There are many page builders available in marketing that are very useful and the best builders for WordPress.

In this article, I will explain the 5 best free WordPress page builders which are commonly used by professionals and beginners should use these builders.

Elementor Page Builder

Do You Know: Elementor is an Israeli based software company

The most used page builder in the world is Elementor. Elementor is a very famous and easy-to-use page builder. many websites and blogs are made on Elementor.

In 2020 5M websites are built on Elementor or Elementor Pro. It is a very large no of websites that have been made by any other page builders.

In 2019 Elementor got their own WordPress theme Hello. which is very light and very easily used by the developer.

Hello, the theme can be easily integrated with the Elementor theme builder and is more compatible.

In the year 2021 Elementor has 92000+ active community members on FaceBook worldwide. With the help of these community members, anyone can clear their doubts.

Elementor Pro has many additional features with 6 extra add-ons which made him the best plugin ever. Elementor is a top-rated page builder plugin of WordPress.

A large number of professionals and also beginners preferred Elementor as a first choice because Elementor is very easy to use and the free version of the Elementor is easily available. Elementor has a lot of good options for creating custom designs and these designs are responsive according to the devices.

I always recommend Elementor page builder as the first choice for beginners who really want to make custom websites and blogs. Easy to use, easy to customize, easy to update, a lot of add-ons are available for Elementor especially.

Some common Addons are Essential Addons for Elementor, Elementor Header & Footer Builder, Premium Addons for Elementor, Elements kit Elementor addons

Download: Elementor

elementor page builder
Elementor Page Builder

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Beaver Page Builder

It is also a drag and drops WordPress page builder plugin it allows us to create attractive designs according to us. This page builder plugin provides flexibility and front end best experience. It is also available in free and pro versions. It’s some features are mentioned below.

  • Column based layouts
  • Photo, color, video options
  • Add your own CSS class and id’s
  • Also use a shortcodes
  • Responsive and mobile friendly
  • Works with Pages and posts also
  • Lightweight
  • Pre made layouts (Pro)
  • Contact froms, Subscribe Form (Pro)
  • Custom Modules (Pro)

This plugin is very effective for creating beautiful layouts and landing pages. Beaver page builders also support third-party WordPress widgets, plugins, and shortcodes. It is a good thing that beaver page builder works with almost every WordPress theme which is existing this time.

Download: Beaver

Page Builder
Beaver Page Builder

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Divi Page Builder

It is a product of Elegant Themes, it allows the creation of lite designs and the best user experience. It is also a drag and drop interface like another page builder. They offer Back-end Builder and front-end builder which helps to create a website with the same content and design settings.

  • Pre-made layouts available
  • You can save your design as a template
  • Design a global header and footer
  • Custom made 404 page
  • Custom post page template
  • Custom product page template

There are many addons are available which come with this page builder. All these addons are paid.

Download: Divi

Free WordPress Page Builder
Divi Page Builder

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Themify Page Builder

Themify is the most powerful drag and drops page designer and page builder for WordPress website designing. It is also a simple drag and drop functionality for creating sections and modules. All designs are created in the form of a section and we can see the live preview of the design.

  • Free and Paid
  • Work on rows & columns
  • Animation available
  • Custom Styling
  • SEO Friendly
  • Responsive designs.

There are also many add-ons are available. Some addons are free you can get these addons at the lowest price from the official website.

Download: Themify

WordPress Page Builder
Themify Page Builder

WpBakery Page Builder

It is the most used website page builder generally people love to use this page builder. It is mostly used by professionals for creating amazing websites. It offers front-end and back-end functionality. They work on every WordPress theme and design.

  • Templet Libarary
  • Skin Builder for colors
  • Advance Grid builder
  • Mobile friendly designs
  • Image Filters
  • Shortcode Mapper
  • Exclusive Addons
  • 80+ Predefined Layouts and Templates

There are many addons available with Wpbakery which are free and paid. You can download all addons from official websites.

Download: WpBakery

WordPress Page Builder Plugins
wpbakery Page Builder


There are many website page builders available it depends on you which builder you love to use for website designing. I personally love to use Elementor. Elementor provides an amazing and simple user interface that can use by anyone there is no need for any technical knowledge.