7 Best Gallery Plugins for WordPress Compared

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Best gallery plugins for WordPress

WordPress plugin gallery can assure you of the best strategy that allows you to obtain a well-organized and well-designed eCommerce site. Plugin galleries complete the overall functionality of WordPress. Once the best gallery plugin is used and properly integrated into your website, you have the peace of mind that you have an edge over your competitors.

Moreover, with the use of the best WordPress plugins, there can surely be huge possibilities of succeeding in your type of industry. It will particularly help you manage the images you have on your site and come up with the most effective strategies.

Read on to know more about the best and most used gallery plugins for WordPress that plugin seekers like you should also utilize.


 one of the best WordPress photo gallery plugins that stand out among the best plugins is SharePoint. This is a premium type of gallery plugin that is capable of distinguishing itself through being simple to use and also offering interactive features for a gallery.

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This is one of the most popular plugins especially for having its special gallery styles such as slider layouts and masonry. Other more offers are also very helpful to all users of this plugin features as well. The best thing about Shareprints is its highly usable social features such as social sharing and image commenting which are typically the type of features that WordPress plugin seekers.

Fancy Gallery 

thousands of layouts of a gallery can be found at Fancy gallery plugins. This is one of the best plugins because of its unique features. The plugin enables every user in creating an image gallery in an easy way through its AJAX controlled system (or the drag and drop interface).

Using these gallery plugins enables users to generate unlimited galleries to display on every post and within the widget area. This plugin also helps in saving time for it has its feature of auto-thumbnail. Moreover, Fancy Gallery is one of the best plugins for its main capacities such as delivering multiple navigation options and theme colors, the capability to upload multiple photographs at a time, hover effects such as slides, scales, fades, and more.

wordpress gallery plugins
WordPress gallery plugins

NextGen Gallery

it is widely used due to its larger plugin features. It has more than 10 million downloads and indeed reached a high percentage of rating for its quality offers. Most of the users have the same thing liked about NextGen its continuous development.

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In fact, it has the newest Pro gallery plugins version with special e-commerce as its feature. This simply means that all photographers are closer to the chance of easily selling their photographs on any of their powered sites of WordPress.

As this feature is present upon selecting NextGen, there can always be a big opportunity that is for every user of this plugin. NextGen is generally a very useful plugin that has intuitive features to make a great gallery.

Envira Gallery

if you are into the good looks and great workflow of a WordPress plugin gallery, Envira Gallery is worth seeking. This is a gallery that comes very much ideal as an option because it is very easy to use and manage.  There are not so many likable features that can be seen in this gallery however, things that are remarkable in this gallery are its fast-running clean codes.

These codes are compatible with browsers and in devices as well. Envira is very responsive and what most people like about this gallery is its modular approach to its ‘addon’ features. These “addon” features are extending the functions of its core plugin application. Envira Gallery generally delivers an awesome type of WordPress image gallery to keep a well-managed gallery.

gallery plugins
gallery plugins

Justified Image Grid

 if you are needing a kind of plugin that will enable you to create good looking and very responsive gallery, while you are making sure that you have multiple options on designing it, Justified Image Grid is the perfect one for you. This plugin primarily delivers excellence in proving those captivating gallery plugins.

Its greatest features include a simple setup of the plugin, customization without required codes, tagging cloud or simply button filtering, automatic alignment, infinite scrolls, and a lot more. All features of Justified Image Grid make it to be included with the best WordPress photo gallery plugins of the time.

Social Gallery

this is a gallery plugin for WordPress that has a variety of ideal features such as easy wizard installation, customization of image size, color,  link, and margins, custom descriptions for SEO and URLs.  It is also supporting multiple browsers and is capable of working with WordPress themes on a high percentage.

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This plugin has compressed CSS and jQuery for a quick loading experience. Additionally, it is compatible with Google AdSense that would fit with the interest of those who are seeking extra revenue using their images. The overall capacity of a social gallery centers on sharing and community engagement that is important as a promotional type of strategy.

gallery plugins wordpress free
gallery plugins WordPress free

Thumbnail Gallery

 this is the gallery plugin for WordPress that comes perfectly usable for it is very responsive and very customizable. Because of this, having a worthy plugin is achieved. What makes this gallery plugin remarkable for its users is its compatibility with all devices and browsers.

The same with Fancy gallery plugins, the Thumbnail Gallery is also an AJAX-powered plugin that will allow you in generating multiple galleries on your web pages and in every post using its easy-to-use shortcode type of generator. Its main feature includes a very responsive layout, lightbox, Flash and HTML compatibility, “social sharing” integration, and video embeds which is an option to add Vimeo and YouTube.

best gallery plugins for wordpress
best gallery plugins for WordPress

The best plugins are available at prices you can afford. Each of the mentioned best gallery plugins for WordPress has special features that set them apart from the rest. In case you do not know, these gallery plugins are highly recommended by millions of users around the world. What this means to you is that you can put your trust in these top-of-the-line plugins for WordPress.