10+ Best Place To Share Your Blog Post To Promote Your Blog

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Best Place To Share Your Blog Post

Hey, these questions are very big from the blogger’s point of view and should be important for every blogger even they are professional bloggers or a new one.

Where I can share my articles?

16 Best Place To Share Your Blog Post for free
FaceBook (Every One Knows very well)
Scoop. It

Where to promote blog posts after publishing?

Have you done your work on writing a new post? Now the question is where to promote blog posts, There are a lot of options and places where you can easily promote your blog post after publishing. Facebook, Medium, Quora, Tumblr are some best places where you can easily promote your content and post.

How do I promote my blog for free?

Promotion is very important for any new blog post because on the internet approx 500_ million posts uploaded every day so it is not easy for google that they ranked or promote your post so there are many ways where you can promote your blog free of cost. You can use These platforms for free promotion:
1) FaceBook Pages or Groups
2) Email (Send email to your Subscribed users)
3) Use Tumblr
4) Answer the question related to your post title Use Quora
5) Backlinks(Traditional but work for a long time)

  1. Where I can share my articles?
  2. Articles sharing sites!
  3. Where to promote blog posts after publishing?
  4. How do I promote my blog for free?

We are approx 5 billion readers in this world and nobody knows who is our audience and who really wants to read our blog post.

There is a large audience who do have not any idea about your blog. Getting blog readers is not very easy always keep in mind how much people in this world want to read your content all this depends on your niche.

For generating for getting your audience you need some best platform where every type of audience is present so that this will be the easy way to attract your audience.

There are many best sharing platform for blog post that can help to find the best readers according to your post content. There are many free blog promotion sites some sites have monthly or yearly subscriptions but many sites are open for every user.

5 Best Ways to increase blog traffic 2021

Firstly find that sites are totally free for uploading a guest post or sharing your site.

16 Best Place To Share Your Blog Post for free

  1. FaceBook (Every One Knows very well)
  2. Medium
  3. Instagram
  4. Pinterest
  5. Quora
  6. Tumblr
  7. Reddit
  8. WordPress
  9. Flipboard
  10.  Scoop.It
  11.  Mix
  12.  Email
  13.  Issue
  14.  Digg
  15.  Diigo
  16.  Storyboard


Medium is an online post publishing platform where everyone who is a lover of blogging can post their loving and amazing content.

Medium is very famous after FaceBook among the bloggers. Medium was launched in 2012 and now medium is the biggest platform.

Medium provides you some special functionality here you can republish your blog posts with their important key features. This platform very uses full for increasing traffic to your website.

If you have very amazing writing skills so you can write a post on Medium this platform also provides a way to those people who only want to provide good information and sharing their views so they are welcome.

 Every platform is not for only generating traffic but some platform provides you best opportunity to get fame and Medium is that type of platform.


medium blog post sharing sites


Do you know about Facebook J  oh! Very silly question even mark does not know about this question? Facebook is only one platform that comes and getting famous.

Facebook where you got many options like FaceBook Pages, Facebook groups, messenger these are those options where you can join with your friends even with unknown people.

Facebook is the best platform for sharing your blog post and here you will get the best audience and you can generate good traffic.

Facebook Pages are one of the best options for bloggers here you can create your page related to your blog and can promote, send joining requests if your page getting a good amount of traffic so they will help in your blog post.

Facebook groups are the best option nowadays you just join many groups related to your blog topic and just share your blog post. Facebook groups always are alive and will provide good traffic.

You just need to act as a member also you can conduct a chat with other members of the group so that you can make your own audience and provide your amazing point of view among them.


facebook page share content on other site


It is another best place to promote your blog for free Instagram is useful for picture sharing or video sharing.

But you can get a lot of traffic from here many bloggers have a blog whose niche is related to photography or videos so they have a good option to use Instagram for promoting their content.

The 5 Best Instagram Apps to Boost Engagement

Instagram also belongs to the Facebook but Instagram have their own audience. Instagram is very useful because if you want to be famous so you can get famous on Instagram.

Some features of Instagram pic uploading, short videos, follow other people.


instagram Articles sharing sites


Pinterest is the Best Place To Share Your Blog Post image-sharing social media platform that can also be the best place to promote blogs for free.

It is another free blog promotion site. You can join Pinterest free of cost it is the best to place from where you can get a lot of traffic.

On Pinterest, you can upload images, animated GIFs, and videos in which you can attach your site link and can generate traffic.

Best Social Image Sharing Platform Pinterest

A lot of people use Pinterest for gaining traffic even here you can generate a lot of traffic it is also another platform for sharing your post as an image format if users like your image and want to read some more about the post so they will visit your blog.

On Pinterest 480+ million active users globally so this platform has many options and you have good options.


Pintrest best place to share your blog for free


Quora is another best place to share your blog post, Quora is a social question-answer website that is a very famous and favorite platform for every student, professional, and beginner whatever they belong to any field.

They can ask any question related to their query. This platform provides a lot of good traffic and generates good readers who can visit your blog regularly and you will get good traffic from quora.

We can say that Quora is the best blog post sharing sites among other platforms. Many bloggers and content writers answer the questions related to their niche and add their blog post links.

You can do many things by using Quora. Quora offers to make money by using their platform just like the Facebook page, google AdSense.



Tumblr is another social media platform where you can create your profile and connect with other people. Tumblr has many different options like you can post your blog URL in a separate box because Tumblr provides a direct option for inserting a page URL.

Tumblr is also known for its short-form blog. It is the best sharing platform for blog post. Tumblr and WordPress both are the best platforms for blogging and posting. This means you can use this platform freely.

You just need good writing skills and good image selection skills because Tumblr is a social platform and every social platform needs good pictures and videos for creating a good effect on people. 




Reddit is not a blogging platform it’s a forum so you are strictly not allowed for blogging but you can share your vision and personal life events which can be related to your blog and article not directly.

Many people told you that you can easily promote your blog on Reddit but it is not true because Reddit has policies related to content sharing and URL sharing on this platform.

On the other hand, you can share some things related to your blog and explain here but don’t forget that if you will promote the whole post or article here so Reddit will deactivate your profile.



WordPress Best, Famous, 75% websites and blogs, and many more. WordPress is the biggest player of any blog or website. WordPress is a platform where you can create your blog and website.

WordPress.com is the platform where you can promote your blog post and article. WordPress.com is a forum where you can create your account(Free) and join with a large community of developers, bloggers, and other people.

Here you can join and forum discussion where you can answer the related topic if you have a blog post related to the discussion so you can leave your post URL.

This platform will generate good traffic if your blog is knowledgeable or useful for others. This platform is very important for every blogger.

WordPress.com also uses for creating Backlinks. WordPress.com is also a member of web2.0 where you can create a good backlink for your blog post.

WordPress is the biggest community so you have a good chance to learn many things and grabbing a lot of important updates.



Email is another Best Place To Share Your Blog Post it is a good medium for two things first is getting traffic and email marketing.

How you will get traffic from email? Are you thinking about this so the answer is very easy?

If you have a subscription newsletter or another form where you can get the email of the user so you can easily get traffic related to your niche.

Your newsletter will only subscribe by those people who like your content and want to learn from your blog.

Always try to make good content, put some extra points on your blog post.


It is a social app, magazine, or news app. It is very famous and has 50 + million users active on Flipboard. it is also the best sharing platform for blog post on this platform you can save your stories.

In Flipboard, you can become a publisher so that you can easily post your content.




It is another articles sharing sites. Scoop it provides a way for the professional and the business to publish their content.

You can create the best content and share it here. By sharing your content you can grab the attention of the user of Scoop it. This platform is the very oldest platform and is useful for getting a good audience.




It is another best place to share your blog post previously called StumbledUpon is the best place to share and discover new things.

After creating an account you can download a chrome extension and contribute to sharing your blog related to your niche. It is a good blog post sharing sites to get the best quality of traffic.




It is very important for all the bloggers to get traffic and traffic should be good and long-term traffic which helps you to make good articles and provide good content.

Share content on other site is the only way to get traffic on new posts. Try to get the best place to share your blog post and share all the latest posts on every famous blog post sharing sites.

Searching for good articles sharing sites is not a tough task you just always try new platforms where you can share your post. The best sharing platform for blog post will help you to improve your blog.

Share content on other site is useful for a new blogger to getting traffic at starting of the blog.

Be sure to post your new article on the best social media platform which I have mentioned above of the article.

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