5 Best Security Plugins for WordPress Compared

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security plugins for wordpress

It is a fact that websites are considered as a valuable property wherein you always want to make sure about its safety against intruders and thieves.

Though there is a number of individuals who are not into worrying regarding the security of their WordPress site there is still a need to consider security plugins before it becomes too late.

This is the reason why there is a number of services that are being offered as protecting websites like those that are built with WordPress. And so, WordPress plugin security becomes popular as well.

WordPress is considered to be built along with a secure and solid framework however this does not mean that it is already immune to hackers. One of the many factors which could lead a site to be hacked would be the idea of having weak passwords. And so, having an extra layer of security should therefore be considered.

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The best option with regards to this matter would be considering security plugins for WordPress. If you want extra security for your site then these plugins are the best options ever.

Here are some of the security plugins for WordPress that might be of great choice for you to have extra security, therefore, avoiding potential risks about your sites:

All in One WP Security & Firewall

This has a very user-friendly interface that is intended for those that are not familiar with the advanced security settings.

It as well offers a number of great features including a password strength tool that will help you with creating stronger passwords and also a login lockdown feature that blocks the IP address coming from failed login attempts continuously and is referred to as Brute Force Attack.

Security plugins for wordpress also features blocks malicious scripts prior for it to affect the code into the WordPress website. It would as well let you with preventing the hotlinking of the images and also block fake Google bots coming from the crawling site.

free security plugins
free security plugins

iThemes Security

Developed by iThemes that makes themes as well as other great plugins for WordPress. This plugin is definitely great for those beginners as well as advanced users.

There would only be a one-click installation for those novice users and also options in order to configure those more advanced settings coming from the dashboard.

And for a lot easier maintenance, its dashboard would present users with the checklist of the security actions that could be taken and would be rated coming from low to high priority.

best security plugin 2021
best security plugin 2021

Sucuri Security

This is considered as a primary monitoring tool intended for certain activities and changes that could harm the WordPress site.

Security plugins for wordpress are best designed for admins and developers that are considered experts in terms of analyzing the information due to the fact that it would require a lot of understanding as well as familiarity with the file systems and the codes in WordPress.

Some other advanced features of this security plugin for WordPress would include security blacklist monitoring, remote malware scanning, and also post-hack security actions.

free security plugins for wordpress
free security plugins for WordPress

Clef Two-Factor Authentication

This is considered the best plugin as it offers an interesting way to login into your WordPress website. Having the Clef app open into your phone, you are to hold it right in front of the login screen of WordPress, and then you are to line up those patterns into both of the devices.

They must detect one another and you must be able to log in to the WordPress site. This would be great for those that are having trouble with regards to remembering passwords or those that are looking for a more secure way to log in to the site.

It also has both pro and free versions and the said mobile app is available for Android and IOS.

Google Authenticator

This plugin would use two-factor or two-step authentication once a user is to log in to the WordPress site. Aside from the idea of entering the username and also the password to log in, one great method of authentication would be done like voice call, text, or also a mobile app.

This as well supports the security keys that are plugged into the USB port. And the second step would only be required once every device so once you are to use only a device there is no need to consider the second authentication method again and again. You will only consider it again once you are to log in to another device.

This is considered as a premium subscription service that is made of Automattic known as the makers of WordPress. The said WordPress security plugin would offer an easier way with regards to back up into the site daily or even in real-time syncing all the content of the site.

security plugins
security plugins

Aside from daily backups, the said service would also scan and remove the threats that are found in the files. There would be two bundles offered that you could choose from and those are the Backup and the Security.

You might also consider having both of the two. There is also the difference with regards to the prices of the said bundles.

This security plugin could offer both free and premium versions along with the idea of providing great discounts as well. This could scan the site for file changes, malware, code injections, and also known backdoors when you opt for the free version.

The premium version would offer advanced scanning options in order for you to coordinate scans along with lower traffic periods. It has over million installs to date and would provide great protection against hacks and malware. And this security plugin also provides great scanning features that will check whether your WordPress site is already infected.

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Being website owners, there is a need to be responsible with regard to the safety of the content. The said content is considered to be very important so should be secured and protected all the time against any threats or hacks.

The above-mentioned WordPress security plugins are definitely the best options to make sure that the site is secured all the time.