6 Best SEO Plugins For WordPress Compared

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Best SEO plugins for WordPress 2021

WordPress is considered the best content management system that could make things a lot easier with regard to blogging. There are almost millions of websites that are being powered by WordPress.

And with the fact that there is increasing competition with numbers of blogs online, how are you going to make sure that internet users are to see and read your blogs? Well, the best option would be considering SEO along with the best WordPress plugins for SEO.

There is a need to make sure that the content is optimized for search engines as well as distribution across the web should be paramount.

Good to know that there are a number of the best SEO plugins for WordPress along with interesting WordPress hacks that will make things a lot easier.

SEO plugin WordPress would commonly provide you the control over setting the metadata such as the title and also description within every new post. WordPress SEO plugins best help those that are into aiming to be ahead among others when it comes to blogging into their sites.

Here are the top SEO plugins for WordPress that you might consider:

Rank Math

Rank Math is the best SEO plugin ever it is a search engine optimization plugin for WordPress. It’s made easy our work of on-page SEO. Rank Math provides much functionality free of cost and this will help to improve our basic and some advanced SEO.

Rank Math is the most popular SEO plugin among the SEO plugins because it is very easy to use and gets the best result.

Clean and simple interface, Easy to install and setup wizard, optimize posts easily.

Official Website: Rank Math

free SEO plugins
free SEO plugins

Yoast SEO

This plugin is considered to be widely used as SEO plugins for WordPress. It is considered a free plugin that offers all great features in order to optimize the site including the XML sitemap for the WordPress site.

This would offer a broad range of features in order to help you with regard to technical optimization aspects as well as to write great content.

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It would force you with choosing a focus keyword once writing an article in order to populate it within the content. You might also manage social optimization along with the Yoast plugin to a certain extent.

Once planning to go for a free plugin for WordPress this one is definitely the best choice.

Official Website: Yoast SEO

best seo plugin for wordpress 2021
Best SEO plugin for WordPress 2021

All in One SEO Pack

This is another best SEO WordPress plugins having a host of great SEO features for the site. It could offer basic stuff such as optimizing titles for the search engines as well as generating the Meta tags.

This plugin would also support Google Analytics, advanced canonical URLs, custom post types, fine-tuning page navigation links, and also has a built-in API in order to extend functionality.

This would as well help in avoiding duplicate content being found in most typical blogs and is considered as the only plugin that would provide SEO integration for the WP e-Commerce sites.

Official Plugin: All In One SEO Pack

SEO plugins for WordPress

SEO Ultimate

This WordPress plugin for SEO would provide a number of great powerful features. SEO Ultimate WordPress plugin will give you the ability to rewrite the title tags, edit the Meta descriptions and also help you in using the anchor text for the purpose of creating deep links.

Some of the advanced functionality would include rich snippet creator, link mask generator, author highlighter, canonicalize, permalink tweaker, 404 monitors, slug optimizer, and a lot more great features.

This WordPress plugin is definitely considered a great option for those that are aiming to be ahead among others in terms of SEO and blogging as well.

Official Plugin: SEO Ultimate

free SEO plugins
free SEO plugins

WP Social SEO Booster

Social optimization is considered to be very important these days since we know the fact wherein search engine such as Google would use social signals is one of the key factors while deciding for the search results.

And once the site gets great numbers of mentions within social media sites, the site could be more like to have a better position within search results.

Compared with WordPress SEO by Yoast, this plugin could be more comprehensive as it would automatically implement the Rich Snippet Tagging for almost all the content.

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And also, it is a free plugin that perfectly works along with other optimization plugins for WordPress.

This is another powerful plugin in order to improve the organic traffic on the site. It would help in optimizing the blog posts along with a well-guided approach.

The said plugin would offer a great number of useful features that help in optimizing blogs perfectly. And the keyword analysis done through the plugin would make SEOPressor stand out among the rest.

It would also come along with a built-in keyword research tool that allows you with finding long-tail keywords being associated with the topic and would use those along with writing the content in order to make it a lot more comprehensive as well as search engine friendly.

Official Plugin: WP Social SEO Booster

SEO plugin
SEO Plugin


This has the ability to help you create great content which is human and also searches bot-friendly. And so this would help you with better ranking within search results and would keep the users be engaged.

Through this plugin, you could get SEO-related stats, find the best keywords for the site to get great traffic, and also get weekly SEO audits. You might as well use the said plugin together with WordPress SEO by Yoast.

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This will intimate you once the content is up into the mark with regards to SEO and so you could also publish it once 100% green since that would mean that the content is also 100% SEO friendly.

This would help you by giving you real-time advice in terms of optimizing articles while writing or even editing them.

Official Plugin: SEO by SQUIRRLY


SEO Internal Links

There is a fact that internal links are definitely important for the overall optimization of the site since they guide search engines to visit as well as index other essential posts as well as pages of the site.

Bloggers could differ based on how they are to use internal linking in order to benefit their blogs. This would automatically link phrases and keywords into the posts and comments along with corresponding pages, posts, and more.

It would provide you a great number of important settings in order to create a network for positive SEO into the site.

Those are the top SEO plugins for WordPress wherein you could consider since a good quality plugin is very important to those with WordPress sites and would want to be ahead among others within the competition.

Most Asked Questions

Which is the best free SEO plugin for WordPress?

Rank Math is the best SEO plugin for those who are starting blogging and also helped fully for professionals.
Many SEO plugins are available in the market but some plugins have the functionality of operating and providing the best results.
Some other best SEO plugins
1) Yoast SEO
2) All in one SEO pack
3) MonsterInsights
4) WP Internal Link Juicer
5) SEO Ultimate

Do you need SEO plugin for WordPress?

An SEO plugin is the most important part of any blogging site even for every business. SEO plugin help to increase the reach of the product. For a blogger, the SEO plugin helps to get traffic and the presence in the google searches.

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