Digital Marketing Online Business – Truths and Lies.

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Digital Marketing

When it comes to digital marketing, there is an avalanche of courses on the internet, many that will only make you waste your time and money.

In this post, I seek to guide everyone who is entering or who is in the initial stage of development and definition of action within this field of professional activity.

What is Digital Marketing

These are communication techniques that companies can use through the internet and cell phone, as well as other digital media.

Techniques developed to promote and market your products, win new customers and improve your network of relationships.

However, it would be correct to say that digital marketing is internet marketing.

That is, it can even work on digital devices, but if it is not connected to the network, it is not possible to say that it is in fact digital.

After all, it is possible to create a billboard or a banner just like the ones in the print version and reproduce it on an LED screen.

Digital Marketing Objective

The goal of every online digital marketing business is aimed at attracting audiences to specific content; increase traffic to the blog, website, or particular page.

The arrival of more traffic will make your digital business grow on an exponential scale, generating more and more conversions… simple as that.

I don’t know anything about marketing, can I have an online business?

Through marketing all, I said all s, can start a business online working with digital marketing, creating a business scalable, secure and totally honest.

Surely you must have seen a lot out there; many think that earning money on the internet is something fraudulent, pyramid, or the like.

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With online digital marketing, you will not earn money, you will receive money for the activities you develop.

These activities are many and you will have to get familiarized little by little so that you can decide in which field of activity to work on later on.

Truths and lies regarding digital marketing and online business. I will quote here the three main truths and lies.

digital marketing


1st Truth of Digital Marketing Online Business

 You don’t need to know computer

Many people think that because they don’t know anything about computers they can’t or won’t embrace the idea of ​​working on the internet and being paid for it in an honest and scalable way.

Because it is a universe full of code, programming language, networks, etc; a lot of people ask me all the time about this question.

Do I need computer skills to get started?

You as well as anyone, regardless of age, sex or knowledge will actually need:

– a notebook computer or not;

– access to the internet and know how to click


You think I’m not serious right!

But that’s exactly how I Dentist, with more than 30 years of professional activities, I started in the digital marketing world and, in just over six months, I had mastered practically everything that was within my reach… not because I was smart or anything like that…

Everything comes step by step for you to do and everything is easy and quick to assimilate!

When I started I received help from many who kindly guided me; many help each other on the internet either through Facebook groups or other social networks.

In just a few seconds, you can make a  mini-site that earns money, as there are several programs already ready and available for that.

You can even set up a capture page (in a few days you’ll know better what this is) in less than 10 minutes, you can schedule multiple posts on Facebook, Twitter, and many other social networks.

That way the internet and its tools will work for you while you do other things.

Everything is just a click away, you just have to be calm and not skip stages of your learning and focus too much on what you really want.

As you go through the stages of elaboration of what is proposed, you will gradually build your online business that in a short time will be all on, on autopilot working for you while you perform other activities.

Working with digital marketing is like putting together a puzzle.

An online digital business that, after all structured, can provide you with earnings never imagined, working from wherever you are.

Imagine you without a boss!

Working wherever you want and having more time for yourself and your family!

But over time this does not prevent you from trying to learn a little about information technology, as knowledge is never too much and in the future, this will help you a lot.

I did as many did and how I was guided to do that is ” caught in the hand ” of the one who held me and follow the step by step of the existing techniques and was climbing step by step.

I don’t want you to waste your time with the avalanche of existing information, as I and many others have lost; you must read this post until its end.

Don’t be in a hurry to jump right into the pot of additional information; always remember!

Be focused and determined! take your time!

2nd Truth of Digital Marketing Online Business

In the beginning, you won’t need to invest a lot of money

This does have its truth at its core; In order to become familiar with the entire digital universe, you can and will find free tools that will allow you to learn and gradually build an entire online business structure.


Traffic Travis


Google Trends

Don’t worry about the free tools just mentioned, there are several, not everything in the digital world you will have to pay to have or use; don’t try to understand them right now; as I said… all without haste… the right moment will come!

Digital Marketing Online Business

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There is a whole mechanic behind everything and these free tools available on the internet will allow you to reach your goal and start monetizing (making gains) with your digital business.

It is worth mentioning that as your business is being structured and when money starts to come in, you will certainly feel the need to resort to paid tools.

When that moment comes, you will know how to choose.

These tools will leverage your earnings and take your digital business to another level imaginable for anyone starting out.

Here’s a piece of advice: I went through this and I just want to help!

Before you want to invest heavily in paid tools, try to familiarize yourself first with everything that is already in your hands.

Try to use what you already have, do tests, make mistakes, learn from mistakes, don’t be in a hurry, success awaits you and you will reach it gradually.

You’re going to be scared when that time comes.

Also, remember that there is a multitude of ways to work and monetize over the internet.

You will gradually have contact with all the existing possibilities and will also, like me, identify more with one technique or another.

Invest in professional tools only after you are more familiar with everything or when you have already defined what field to work in.

3rd The truth of Digital Marketing Online Business

you need to follow the right people a little bit of my history :

When I started, honestly I almost went crazy; I was practically broke, my office had closed and I had gone back to live with my mother.

With practically total time to dedicate to this new world.

The thirst for knowledge and haste made me spend what I could and could not at that moment of obsession with digital knowledge.

At that moment, needing to go back to monetize, he devoured everything he found in front of him. .. it was a mistake. ..

I lost practically six months without producing a single penny and I kept wondering at bedtime… what am I doing wrong.

Beware of the avalanche of existing knowledge available on the internet!

Don’t believe everything you read!


The avalanche of existing knowledge on the internet can and will make you lose focus and waste your time if you don’t achieve your goals.

Follow all the guidelines of those who honestly want to help you.

And here I make a request to you; following with determination you will reach your goals and when you reach them to remember your beginning,

When someone you don’t know gave you important tips for free.

As a way of thinking, do the same… that is, try to help someone who is just starting out.

Lies About Digital Marketing Online Business

1st and BIGGEST Lie

Now let’s go to the top three lies of digital marketing online business when it comes to earning/receiving money online.

Making money on the internet is fast and easy!

This is one of the most absurd lies you are sure to come across when embracing the digital world, digital marketing, and many sites out there.

If it were that easy and fast, everyone would be working solely and exclusively on the internet; I always say as an advisor, there are courses and courses, there are professionals and curious or adventurers.

When those miraculous courses appear promising easy money, always doubt, because what there are people selling this easy illusion is scary.

Your financial independence can and will come, but it will come in time, with your dedication and learning.

Many already live exclusively from gains from digital marketing.

2nd lie

You need to invest in many courses!

Investing in knowledge never hurts; I advise you to purchase just one course and follow it step by step. Don’t let the information overload get in the way of your learning.

If you find it necessary, take one course at a time.

I only had significant results after I implemented everything I had absorbed when I took my first course – the online sales machine.

I learned techniques and strategies for free; ceasing to be ignorant about digital marketing; I acquired other courses which came to reinforce and add techniques and knowledge.

The second course I only took a year after I was already monetizing on the internet; I definitely recommend the best course on the market –  online business formula

3rd lie.

If I buy such a course, I will earn money! digital-marketing-cost

This is one of the most controversial lies.

Beware of courses that promise worlds and funds, which will show you the secret at once.

There is no secret to earning money on the internet, yes there are, proven techniques of working on the internet and earning a good income from it.

Courses are just the transport for you to reach your goal.

The “secret” for you to earn money is in your own work and dedication, courses will do nothing for you, they will just show you the way.

It’s a puzzle, that little by little will come together, all you need to do is have patience and focus, and your results will be extraordinary.

I end this post in the hope of having been able to provide you with extremely important initial information that can truly help and guide you.

Other posts will come and gradually you will become an expert on the subject.

I’m glad you got this far and if you got there it was because you really want to continue learning; share this new discovery possibility with friends, whether through Facebook, Twitter, or other social networks.

Generally Asked Questions

How do I start a digital marketing business?

Some points are important which can be followed before starting a digital marketing business.
1) Have a good knowledge of every business.
2) Should aware of latest trends
3) Start with local vendors and startup
4) Setup your business online
5) Find the best team

Is Digital Marketing Easy?

There is nothing which is difficult at the starting point but when you have got experience in any field you will find that everything is possible. Digital Marketing is the only field that can learn by anybody even there is not a requirement of technical degree or certificate