Effective Content Marketing Distribution Channels

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Content Marketing Distribution Channels

Content marketing has become one of the channels to promote brands. Especially the strongest revenue increase for businesses. There are many forms to develop content marketing, but choosing which type to fit your marketing strategy and bring high efficiency is not everyone knows. Here are the most effective content marketing distribution channels available today. You can apply it to your marketing campaign.

Type of content marketing Blog

The blog is another name for a web diary that has exploded since the 90s. Currently, blogging is considered the leading strategy in implementing content marketing. In a simple way, blogs are articles that express the personal views of the unit, organization, or person in different fields.

This is a way of communication that is attractive and attracts users. Through blog posts, businesses can turn into an expert in the field in which they provide products. Blogs can attract a lot of traffic to your website from search engines. Blogs are also one of the best ways to improve SEO.

Moreover, blogging is also a way to connect with your loyal and potential customers. The more valuable your blog content is, the more targeted customers your brand will have. So, if you want to use blogs to improve content marketing, you need to build a strategy by choosing topics. Then, research keywords, choose an impressive writing style.

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According to statistics, 1/3 of online activities are spent watching videos. So this is the form of content marketing that attracts the most users. Because according to the current trend, consumers love to watch videos about products before buying. It could be a product review or a video tutorial. Make these videos the best type of content marketing to reach and engage customers.

If you want to exploit content marketing in the form of video, you need to find a way to attract your target customers. You should do it with the most impressive content. Consider what types of content and topics attract customers the most. Make short videos instead of long videos that are still informative.

Social media posts

Social media is a powerful tool to convey your brand message. Especially reaching target customers. Social media platforms such as Facebook, Twitter, Instagram are where the most target customers are currently.

The video content will be shared and spread quickly on the internet. These contents will influence the purchasing decisions of many customers. Especially, from these posts, potential customers can discover your products. You can completely through the post to offer special offers, discount codes, coupons to attract customers.

Content in the press

Appearing in articles and magazines is also an extremely effective form of content marketing. Because in order to appear in a newspaper, that content marketing has to go through the censorship of content, information, images… Therefore, when a group of potential customers sees your brand name on a press publication, they will trust and the reputation of the business will increase significantly.

Not stopping there, content on press publications can optimize SEO. Besides helping to increase traffic and conversions for businesses’ websites. When publishing PR articles, or attaching discount codes, coupons on newspapers with large coverage and prestige. And the things that must be considered before applying a discount code to their cart is what they care. All information about products and services will always be at the top of Google’s search results.

Type of content marketing Infographic

Infographics are more effective than other types of content. Because it is easy to understand, eye-catching, intuitive, lively, easy to share, viral… This type of content marketing allows you to insert a large amount of information into a visual image. Thereby helping viewers visualize the data more easily.

In order for infographics to attract customers, you should choose simple but impressive designs, harmonious colors, concise text … so that users are not overloaded with information. Also, consider which theme is best suited for this type of thing. It could be statistics about the value of your products or services.

Reviews from customers

This is also one of the most valuable types of content marketing today. Because most customers look at product reviews before deciding to buy them. The fact that someone has spent money to buy and experience products and services will have the most objective views. The more good reviews about the product’s quality, the more trust the business can build with potential customers.

Customer reviews can be hosted on the company’s website Can be used in blog posts or social posts… Your sales team can also use them when talking to potential customers. The goal is to help them better understand the product value your business can offer.


Above is an article about  Effective Content Marketing distribution channels.  Through the above content marketing channels, hopefully, you have grasped the characteristics and advantages of each type. From there, apply effects to your marketing strategy. Good luck!

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